Created in 2015 , the Fargesn Media Project seeks to provide a model for community story preservation and truth telling, beginning in Ferguson, MO. 

"Oftentimes, the people who are out there doing the work don’t have time to make documentaries about what they’re doing. [Fargesn] allows people to keep doing what they’re doing, but for it to be captured so that isn’t forgotten."
Koach Baruch Frazier

The events in Ferguson, MO in 2014 captured the nation's attention and sparked a movement--bringing average citizens onto the streets and into protest. Inspired by Rabbi Michael Rothbaum's Rosh Hashana Sermon, Ferguson/Fargesn, this Project is a groundbreaking narrative innovation, seeking truth and honesty after events of civil unrest. We are telling the stories of Ferguson that could be lost to history, focusing on the intersections of Blackness and Judaism and on the leadership of women and queer people. We are challenging assumptions. We are documenting world-changing work. We have produced a web series and an audio archive and mounted multiple educational events around the country, but we are only beginning to explore what community-oriented documentation can mean.